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     Another Paradise-Alan Hewitt              


MEDITATION by Alan Hewitt        peaceful, relaxing music                    

featured on: The River of Calm 

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Native Heart
Re-release May 2020

  Before he was a keyboardist, drums were Alan’s first love and instrument. Native Heart became his calling card combining both instruments in this African/Native American influenced Cd. Released in 1995, it has now been re-released by popular demand . This cd exploded Alan’s writing career with Earth,Wind & Fire , Eddie Money, Heart, Donnie Osmond, Jonathon Butler, The Tubes, Warrant, Jane Wieldin (The Go Go’s) and so many more.
Alan plays keys, drums, percussion, lead vocals and was the writer/producer.





What happens when you put world class musicians together, stir in rock, prog , jazz and a whole lot of inspiration? A  fusion of great songs and great performances influenced by their predecessors, Return to Forever, Weather Report, and Mahavishnu Orchestra. 2 Global music Awards and Grammy nomination!See more about: Purchase this album on Amazon


Alan’s  Cd “High Fidelity


 Alan gets back to his roots of singer/songwriter.
The first single from High Fidelity “Save Me” goes to global radio 10/1/12 and the full Cd “High Fidelity” will be available 10/18/12.
Alan played most of the instruments and sings lead vocals as well as writes & produces all the songs on High Fidelity.

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Utherworlds Original Soundtrack

Alan Hewitt is the composer on the critically acclaimed Utherworlds.  Utherworlds is based on the imagery of Phil Straub.  To complement the Utherworlds book, Phil Straub’s Unity Entertainment company has created an evocative theatrical soundtrack with renowned composer Alan Hewitt including the Utherworlds Theme, and compositions on the major characters and locations of the Dream and Nightmare Realms.

    Track List
  1. Utherworlds Theme         
  2. Hellzunas             
  3. Lucas             
  4. Realm of Dreams    
  5. Realm of Nightmares         
  6. Lealinnia         
  7. The Mark         
  8. Aadyasha         
  9. For The Love of Family    
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Alan Hewitt Retroactive


Retroactive, features performances from Greg Adams (Tower of Power), Paul Jackson, Jr.(everybody), Steve Madaio (Stevie Wonder) and Steve Oliver.
The first single is an intoxicating arrangement of the 70s Isaac Hayes classic, “Shaft.”

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  Track List
1    Shaft
2    All For You
3    Retroactive
4    Nassau Blue
5    Hot Fun In The Summertime
6    In The Works
7    Saturday Afternoon
8    Amagine That
9    Big Bang
10   H2O

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Alan Hewitt Moves Forward With Retroactive
Genre: Jazz – Smooth
Alan Hewitt – piano and keyboards, Jervonny Collier – bass, Ian Martin – bass, Brian Price – bass, Chad Wright – drums, Gerald Spikes – saxophones, Andre Dorsett – additional keyboards, Steve Madaio – trumpet, Wendell Kelly – trombone, Will Donato – saxophone and flute
Shaft, All For You, Retroactive, Nassau Blue, Hot Fun In The Summertime, In The Works, Saturday Afternoon, Amagine That, Big Bang, H2O

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Alan Hewitt | Retroactive

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Smooth Jazz Therapy
The very best from the world of smooth jazz and classic soul.
JANUARY 31, 2010

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Collection of great classic songs arranged by Alan & performed with orchestra

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 Metropolis puts it all together, making it a must have for any contemporary jazz fan, or for that matter any music fan. While Metropolis features Hewitt’s unmistakable way with a catchy hook and seductive groove, he brings an intensely urban, neo jazz flow into the mix, balancing the lush ballads with edgier tunes.

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 Track List
1    Vibe (intro)
2    Joyride
3    Velvet Kisses
4    Metropolis
5    Hot Fun In The Summetime
6    Swingin’ On Sunset
7    Liquid Blue
8     So In Love (Interlude)
9    So In Love
10    Lost In Emotion
11    Indigo
12    Soliel

ARTISTS: Gerald Spikes, Jervonny Collier, Brian Pric, Chad Wright, Shea Chambers, Steve Madaio, Wendell Kelly and Steve Oliver.



Noche de Pasion

   The spotlight rarely shone upon his face, and center stage is not the place he would normally call a second home.  His name is not readily recognized by those of us outside the recording industry, unless you, like me, read the fine print on album covers.  It is within the information about the supporting cast of a recording venture that his name would appear

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Track                                  Guest Artist
Noche de Pasion                   Eugw Groove
Breathless                            Steve Madaio
Love Feeds the Fire               Michael Lington
Sweet Thing                        Jonathan Butler
U Touch Me                         Mindi Abair
Inside My Dreams                  Shea Chambers
Viva la Noche                       John DeFaria
Captured                             Gerald Spikes
Blue Sky                              John DeFaria
Reminisce                            Gerald Spikes

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Escape From Life

  Music is as elemental to Alan Hewitt as his heartbeat. Combining lessons learned in his adventures as an artist, composer, producer he created the beautiful melodies and pulsing rhythms for Escape From Life.

Music is as elemental to Alan Hewitt as his heart beat.  He lives music.  Alan was given a unique gift few others received; the ability to make a diversity of musical styles from rock to jazz to R&B to classical his own. This was only released in Asia.

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 Track List
1    intro
2    panorama
3    whispers
4    secret garden
5    west of eden
6    fire & ice
7    olympica
8    requiem
9    china forest
10    jungle fever
11    lost temple
12    i machine
13    high impact
14    escape from life

Released on: in the [gruv:] PONY CANYON records.


Native Heart
1995     re-release May 2020

  Before he was a keyboardist, drums were Alan’s first love and instrument. Native Heart became his calling card combining both instruments in this African/Native American influenced Cd. Released in 1995, it has now been re-released by popular demand . This cd exploded Alan’s writing career with Earth,Wind & Fire , Eddie Money, Heart, Donnie Osmond, Jonathon Butler, The Tubes, Warrant, Jane Wieldin (The Go Go’s) and so many more.

Alan is the writer, producer, keyboardist and lead vocalist on “Native Heart”  He is also featured on drums and African percussion. Jon Defaria (Kitaro, Jon Secada, Miami Sound Machine) contributes on nylon guitar as well as electric guitars. Randy Mitchell (Donna Sommers) plays acoustic and electric guitars. Marty Ward  performs on alto, tenor and soprano sax. Jim Ross (David Benoit, David Foster) on viola.
Paul Klingberg, award winning engineer (Earth, Wind & Fire, Ramsey Lewis, Urban Knights, Pat Metheny, etc.) mixed “Native Heart” in Dolby Surround* at Mama Joes Studio in Hollywood.

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  Track List
1     Intro
2    Afrika
3    Yaeo – Love is Water
4    Mystical Dawn
5    Native Heart
6    Botswana
7    Surrender
8    Ceremony
9    Seven Arrows
10    Morning Mist


  Sands of the Kalahari. Amazon Rain Forest, & Big Sur “Voyages” the visually Enhanced CD on 215 Music.
All music composed, arranged and produced by Alan

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Kalahari Track Listing
1. Sands of Kalahari
2. Okevango Delta
3. Last Eden
4. Ritual of the Lion
5. Desert Dawn
6. Tswana Nomads
7. Enchantment
8. Nxai Pan Reserve

Amazon Rain Forest Track Listing
1. Amazonia
2. Jungle Cathedral
3. Waterfall
4. Amazon Rain Forest
5. Last Conquistadors
6. Village of the Xingu
7. Amazon Sunset
8. Final Frontier

Big Sur Track Listing
1. Big Sur
2. Jade Cove
3. Legend of Lobos
4. Redwood Retreat
5. Whale’s Song
6. Santa Lucia
7. Carmel by the Sea
8. Surreal Shores

Chances are very likely that you have heard Alan Hewitt’s music before without ever knowing it. The keyboardist/composer/producer has a number of music projects to his credit including songs featured in movies such as Bridget Jones and The Edge of Reason, in addition to instrumentals specifically made for television shows like Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Hewitt is not one to remain confined to a recording studio. He has shown a penchant for enjoying the thrill of performing live in front of audiences, and takes great pleasure in playing on jazz cruises and has even embraced the role of being the music coordinator on some of them in the past.  The energy that he soaks up while performing on stage with fellow musician seems to fuel his impetus to compose new material, which he is proudly presenting on his solo CD Retroactive. An ardent smooth jazz musician, Hewitt sculpts every track into a fine piece of workmanship.  Produced byHewitt and Paul Klingberg, Retroactive offers a delightful repertoire with relaxing R&B curves, smooth funk grooves, contemporary jazz motifs, and nightclub-inspired nuances.  Each song has its own intricate detailing whether it’s the vivacious guitar raptures of Brian Price in “Saturday Afternoon,” or the sinuous curls of Will Donato’s saxophone in “H2O,” or fluttering chimes of Hewitt’s xylophone in “Amagine That,” each track comes alive with its personalized traits. Hewitt’s keyboards beautify the tracks ranging his models from dazzling swirls to soft trickling droplets depending go which way the mood of the music moves him.  His interpretation of Isaac Haynes’ popular single “Shaft” takes the R&B/funk gilded pop track into the realm of contemporary jazz.  Hewitt is an artist in the true sense of the word shaping frilly guitar riffs and nimble piano keys in “Big Bang” which trail off into a series of flashing sparks while the gentle fluidity of “Nassau Blue” fosters a mood conducive to cuddling. Retroactive displays Alan Hewitt’s keen melodic sensibilities and prolific imaginings.  A smooth jazz buff to his core, Hewitt’s music reflects the beauty inherent in life and cranks up its positive vibrations to an exhilarating pitch.
The casual music fan probably will not recognize Alan Hewitt by name.   But it is possible they have heard his scores for television, movies and video games.  Lots of fellow musicians, especially in the smooth jazz community, have appreciated his production skills, arrangements and keyboard wizardry. Ever since graduating from one of music’s prestigious institutions, Hewitt kept refining his songwriting chops in a variety of settings both behind and in front of the scenes.  With his last three releases: Noche de Pasion, Metropolis and his latest work Retroactive, Hewitt is now considered one of smooth jazz’s more respected players.  Through it all, he gives credit to music executive David Chackler, founder of Hewitt’s current label home nuGroove Records (home to ground breaking jazz sensations Down To The Bone), for being a major support system invarious phases of his career.    The Los Angeles-based Hewitt is a multi-gifted musician who began as a drummer and vocalist.  While studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, he added piano and keyboards to his arsenal.  Once he graduated, Hewitt paid many dues inside the recording studio playing for artists representing almost every genre from his idols Earth Wind& Fire to Donny Osmond.  But it was more than his instrumental prowess that brought Hewitt to further prominence.  The more experience he gained in the studio, the more he grew in confidence with his compositional skills.  Some of Hewitt’s incidental and soundtracks for TV and movies include Survivor-South America, Oprah, Bridget Jones and Gods & Generals. Hewitt also orchestrated the music for Utherworlds - a fantasy themed book centering on hope versus fear. With all his extraordinary musicality to give, he found his solo voice in the contemporary jazz market; beginning with the 2004 release, the Latin-edged Noche de Pasion on 215 Records.  Through a series of cruises, he naturally bonded with veteran jazzmen Boney James and Norman Brown.  In 2008, Hewitt was involved in a cruise meshing popular smooth jazz musicians and hit-making soul stars – i.e. Motown greats, The Four Tops and funk band, Kool & The Gang. Hewitt’s appreciation of jazz and soul are evident throughout most of Retroactive.  One example is the Isaac Hayes soundtrack staple, “Shaft.”  Taking on a song of this caliber can be a risk.  Yet Hewitt pulls this task off because he is extremely sensitive to the grooves from the original version.  “Hot Fun In The Summertime” (an encore performance first heard on Metropolis), though not exactly aligned with Sly & The Family Stone’s smash hit, is sliced and diced to perfection.   Every once in a while, Hewitt decides to change up the mood; case in point“Big Bang” complete with fuzz guitar fills, funky breaks and a killer horn section.  Speaking of the funk and nothing but the funk, the acid-jazz flavored “In The Works” has all the trimmings including a delicious vibe solo that could make Roy Ayers take notice.  The title track adds several smooth layers of funk frosting; from the electric piano hooks to the brief but dazzling guitar harmonics and the dancing organ from Hewitt. Overall, Retroactive should bring more recognition for Hewitt’s giftings as a jazz player who can shift from rock to pop to funk with pure ease.  In all sincerity, even though Hewitt can play and arrange anything his heart desires, he deserves to be a shining star in the contemporary jazz limelight. Peggy Oliver The Urban Music Scene
Alan Hewitt - Retroactive The much anticipated new CD from keyboard maestro Alan Hewitt is out now. Titled ‘Retroactive’ it is entirely up to expectations and as well as following his magnificent 2006 release ‘Metropolis’ is also Hewitt’s first in collaboration with the consistently excellent nuGroove label. With the exception of one stunning cover (and a tasty reprise from ‘Metropolis’) Hewitt writes arranges and co-produces throughout while his trademark keys prove yet again the ability he has to reach to the very essence of smooth jazz. Not only that, the contributions made by regular band members Jervonny Collier, Chad Wright, Brian Price and Gerald Spikes bestow an overall tightness that is quite simply a joy to behold. ‘Retroactive’ is quickly up and running with Hewitt’s feisty cover of the Isaac Hayes blockbuster ‘Shaft’. Blessed by the silky input of Steve Madaio, Will Donato and Steve Clark, who here masquerade under the name of the Desert Storm Horns, it seems likely, even at this early stage, to stick around to become one of the covers of the year. In fact this stellar horn section of trumpet, sax and trombone adds a luscious veneer to no less than five of the tracks. Another is the catchy foot tapping title cut for which the description ‘infectious’ is totally apt and there is more of the amazing same with the up tempo ‘In The Works’. With a groove to die for it is already a firm Smooth Jazz Therapy favorite. Trumpeter Steve Madaio played a significant part on the ‘Metropolis’ project and when Hewitt returns to it for his tight interpretation of the Sly Stone composition ‘Hot Love In The Summertime’ it is Madaio who blends with Wendell Kelly on trombone to lay a brassy foundation for Hewitt’s picture perfect keys. The song shimmers with wonderfully restrained vocals from Shea Chambers and elsewhere, as Hewitt slips easily into the sumptuously mid tempo ‘All For You’, his vibey playing dovetails effortlessly with handsome sax from Gerald Spikes. In similar vein, and inclusive of a cool guitar solo from Paul Jackson Jr, is the tender ‘Saturday Afternoon’ whilst another hugely accessible tune in a collection crammed full of them is the seriously addictive ‘H2O’. Fellow nuGroove label-mate Steve Oliver features on guitar and a further guest performance of note is that by the incomparable Greg Adams whose distinctive trumpet takes the mid tempo ‘Nassau Blue’ to a different place. Hewitt uses the sensitive but edgy ‘Amagine That’ as the vehicle for a spine tingling solo effort on piano and vibes yet in complete contrast is the raucous ‘Big Bang’. Thoroughly off the chain and with more horn enriched energy this is a number that really rocks. ‘Retroactive’ is Hewitt’s sixth album and is a brilliant early addition to this year’s new music. It comes highly recommended. For more go to 2010 in CD Reviews

Hewitt generates sparks on the opening track “JoyRide,” cutting loose on the piano with help from
Gerald Spike’s tenor sax. The great songs just keep coming, each one better than the last. Highlights
include Alan’s own version of Sly Stone’s lengendary “Hot Fun in the Summertime”, “Swingin’ On
Sunset” and title track “Metroplois”.

The band on Metropolis spotlights some of the best musicians in contemporary jazz, including  sax
extroidinaire Gerald Spikes (Paul Jackson Jr.) bassist Jervonni Collier (Bruce Hornsby), guitarists
Brian Price (Jazz Crusaders), drummer Chad Wright (Kieko Matsui),trumpeter Steve Madaio
(Stevie Wonder,Rolling Stones) along with vocalist Shea Chambers, Hewitt’s longtime friend
co-producer Paul Klingberg (Earth, Wind & Fire,Jonathon Butler) and a special guest appearance
on guitar by Steve Oliver (High Noon, Chips & Salsa) .

People Magazine recently called him “one of music’s best kept secrets.” I’m telling you right here and
right now that it’s time for the secret to be out. Keyboardist/Composer/Producer Alan Hewitt is on his
way to becoming a Smooth Jazz superstar. He long ago established his credentials writing, producing,
and playing on records from Earth, Wind & Fire to Jonathan Butler to Donnie Osmond. Now he’s showing
up as a featured artist on Smooth Jazz cruises, which is no small accomplishment, and he’s just released
his second solo Smooth Jazz album, METROPOLIS. It’s a fantastic project, too, full of accessible,
radio-friendly tracks that you’ll be hearing for a long time to come. I submit the first single (the tasty and
in-the-pocket “JoyRide”) as strong evidence that he’s an artist whose time has come, and you can bet
Mr. Hewitt’s tunes will be format staples well into the future. Every track on the album sounds awesome
and works perfectly, from the ultra-smooth “Velvet Kisses” to the festive “Soleil,” featuring Steve Oliver
on guitar. His ever-so-fresh and innovative approach to the one cover tune on the disc, “Hot Fun in the
Summertime,” featuring Sheila “Shea” Chambers on the vocal refrain, is definitely a highlight to my ear,
and a perfect example of how you can make something hot sound so cool. Sly Stone’s tune never
sounded so smooth and sultry! Make no mistake about it; Alan Hewitt’s METROPOLIS belongs in every
discerning Smooth Jazz lover’s library.
Highly recommended!


Perhaps you saw it listed among the closing credits that swiftly scrolled pass our searching eyes as we
strained to read the names of those who had written or co-written the musical backdrop to the spoken
words of a television show or motion picture film. (Are you kidding? If you blinked you missed the
whole thing.) With few exceptions, it has been in those spaces that the name, Alan Hewitt, was most
frequently written, until now.

The Alan Hewitt Project, which some believe, is the breakthrough album of the year in contemporary
instrumental music. His self-titled album, the Alan Hewitt Project was released to stores on
April 27, 2004. – Courtesy

Read the Press Release

by Ray Redmond

Wow! This is a smoking smooth jazz CD. Hewitt opens absolutely JAMMING the title track and
featuring Euge Groove’s smooth sax… this is a good choice for first track on the CD. Steve Madaio
stands in on trumpet and flugelhorn to accompany the Hewitt keyboards on the staccato laden
Breathless. Love Feeds The Fire slows up the pace but turns up the heat with Michael Lington
making his appearance. And it doesn’t stop there… Jonathan Butler lends his guitar and scat
vocals to the Butler-penned Sweet Thing, then alto diva Mindi Abair struts her stuff on the
spanish-flavored U Touch Me.

Throughout this parade of stars Alan Hewitt rides and guides each track with his keyboard work,
the glue that holds the tracks together, as the guest artists do their “guest” things. Vocalist
Shea Chambers again slows it down a bit on the seductively smooth Inside My Dreams. The rest
of the CD has appearances by John Defaria and Gerald Spikes who perform on two tracks apiece,
most notably Blue Sky with it’s wonderful guitar lines.

Noche De Pasion is a good change from these smooth jazz CD’s we’re seeing lately where they
pile a heap of good artists together and expect a great album (usually NOT). Rather, this is a great
smooth jazz release that’s better for it’s inclusion of so many cameo artists.
Bravo Alan… 4 stars.

So varied are his talents that he’s been dubbed “The Chameleon” for the amazing breadth of his talents
by many respected professionals in music, film and television.
Alan Hewitt was born along the inspirational shores of picturesque northern Michigan. The drumbeat
of his Native American heritage enchanted him by age ten. At twelve he was jamming with the best
players in the region. Looking to expand his horizons, Alan attended famed Berklee College of Music
in Boston. Exposure to a universe of musical experiences and world class musicians inspired Alan to
become serious about cultivating his dream of becoming a multi-faceted artist/composer/producer.
Chasing the American dream of getting a record deal with “Alan Hewitt & Eighty Eight,” won Alan
numerous performing awards. Eventually he landed a deal on Rockshire Records, but the label faded.
Out of adversity, the doors to Alan’s true path opened. A&M immediately brought him in to work with
Jane Weiland of the Go-Go’s and Vince Ely of the Psychedelic Furs. This led to Alan’s involvement
writing and playing on the multi-platinum, “Cherry Pie,” by Warrant. Alan’s reputation grew as he
produced and re-mixed hits for Earth, Wind and Fire and Jonathan Butler.
His interest in ecological projects led him to contribute two tracks to “Out of the Blue,” a CD featuring
tracks from Sting, Peter Gabriel and Sarah McLachlan. As Alan worked on behalf of other artists, he
started establishing himself as a soundtrack composer, win-ning the prestigious Golden Planet Award
and the ESPY Award for Excellence. Alan’s music made it’s way to musical entrepreneur, Karen Yoon
in Korea. Acting as Alan’s muse she convinced him that it was time to create something that reflected
his musical vision. Combining lessons learned in his adventures as an artist/composer/producer, he
created the beautiful melodies and pulsing rhythms for “Escape from Life.”

Alan Hewitt has been hailed as one of the “new innovators of modern music”…  
People Magazine

Native Heart is ” a masterpiece and must have!”…   Home Theater Magazine

…”a complete listening experience – soothing and inspirational!”…   L.A. Beach News

“Mixed in Dolby Surround Sound, “Native Heart” promises to shock your senses, and give
you an incredible listening experience.”…  Jordan Sloan – Music